Why I Love Summer

Out of the 4 seasons, summer is my favorite.  Why?  Many reasons I guess.  Maybe because August is my birthday month.  Or maybe because the days are longer and not mention warmer.  No more being bundled up and hunched over trying to stay out of the cold.  I try not to over analyze the reasons too much.  I just simply love summer!

So that being said, let’s talk about what fun things most people like to do in the summer.  I know that one of my personal favorite things is going to the beach.  Just the smell of the ocean, sunscreen and music playing in my ears, along with a great book to read and I am in my very own personal paradise!  Moreover, when planning summer vacations, most people like to visit places that have great beaches.  Hawaii, Florida, California and the Caribbean are just some of the locations that people flock to shake off their winter blues.


Another thing that I like about summer is a good old-fashioned BBQ and or picnic.  I mean, who does not love food cooked on a grill accompanied by a nice cool beverage?  Most BBQ’s I’ve been to have been family reunions so being able to catch up with friends and family that I have not seen in while is always something special.  We all get to reminisce about the things that we did as kids, observing the new additions to the family by way of the little ones that are running around.  Or smiling with each other as we remember those who are no longer with us.


BBQ’s and picnics, I feel, are more than just eating  hot dogs and hamburgers and drinking sweet tea and lemonade.  They are about celebrating family and friends.  Although I must admit, good food does not hurt either!

So those are just some of the reasons that I love summer.  Now don’t get me wrong.  The other seasons have their attributes.  Autumn has beautiful colorful falling leaves.  Winter has the holidays and the first fall of snow.  And spring is about renewal with the flowers coming up from the ground and the leaves budding in the trees.   But summer will always be the number one season for me.  What is your favorite season?



My Aunties

aunt image 3aI am one of the luckiest girls in the world.  I have been blessed with several aunts.  I have 2 from my father’s side of the family and about  5 and counting  from my mother’s side.  Now what makes this even more amazing is that my mother is an only child.  Those aunts in particular are the ones that I am closest to.  Some have been friends with my mother since they were kids and the others through out her adult life.

I won’t get into what they have each done for me though out the years.  If  I did, this post would turn into a novel.  What I will say is that they have in their each and individual way enriched my life.  They are there commiserating with me on the times when my mom are I are making each other crazy.  When I needed to technical advice and needed to upgrade my cell phone,  one of my aunties was there.  When my mom retired and moved down south, my aunts were there to help her beat back the loneliness between mine and my and sister’s visits.   Even now that I have moved to be with my mom, my aunts still call her to stay in touch.  To catch up.  To gossip. To fight. And in general do what sisters usually do.  No, they are not related by blood, but they are family.

Now, I am very lucky that I too am an aunt.  I have been very fortunate help raise and spoil my 10 year old nephew.  You could say that we have helped raise each other.  I am constantly learning from him and probably always will.  I only hope that I will be good of an aunt as the ones who helped to raise me.

aunt image 1

February: The Shortest & Fullest Month Of The Year

feb blog post

February is coming to a close.  Little wonder as it is the shortest month of the year.  But even with it’s brevity,  February packs quite a punch.  Between the holidays and the observances, this 28 day month is very busy!  Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, President’s Day, American Heart Month,  and Black History Month.   And while those other observances are fun and interesting and historically important, it is Black History Month that stands out to me.

Black History Month holds the opportunity to learn more about my ancestry and history.   Each February I learn a bit more about extraordinary men and women who accomplished so much in their lives yet, little are known about them.    For example I did not know that it was Carter G. Woodson who created Black History Month which originated in 1926.  He created it  to celebrate achievements, births, important timelines, events and to remember those we lost.   Or that William Carney was the first black U.S. soldier to earn the Presidential Medal of Honor.

Carter Woodson and William Carney

Carter Woodson and William Carney

And here is something else that I learned just recently.  Madam CJ Walker was the first African-American woman who became a self-made millionaire!  Not only that, one could say that she started the type of business that direct selling companies like Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware would later pattern themselves after.  She not only made a successful business for herself  but also showed other women how to empower themselves in the same way.  Moreover her struggle led the way for people  like Paul Innis to become the premier make-up artist for Avon and for the opportunity for me to be my own boss.


Madam CJ Walker

Click on the the image for a quick biography video.

So to Carter Woodson, William Carney, Madam CJ Walker and those countless others who came before me, thank you.  February may be the shortest month, but the days it holds are and will continue to be memorable.

Sharing The Dream

The following blog post is from Share & Share Alike, the another blog I author. Because of the special day today, I thought to share my thoughts from there, here at the Cafe.  Thank you for allowing me to do so:

Today is Martin Luther King Day. It is also the second inaugural of President Barack Obama, America’s first African-American President. We have indeed come a long way since Dr. King marched on Washington.


With the Civil Rights Movement that was passed in the 1960′s, there have been a lot of gains for minorities throughout the country. With the ending of segregation, the right to go to the school of your choosing, to eat at any restaurant, to shop at any store was hard-fought but was won. These are rights that are taken for granted today. However, the work that Dr. King started is an ever and ongoing thing. We must never forget what was fought for, and why it was fought for, lest we fall victim to our past mistakes. We must all, together keep the message of equality and peace uppermost in our hearts and minds.

Yes, we have come a long way, but we still have a way to go to fulfill Dr. King’s dream. Let’s try to travel that road together.

mlk & president obama

Original post from: http://letstalkavon.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/sharing-the-dream/


New Year Resolutions & Solutions

new-year-resolutionNew Years is always full of resolutions.  Promises to give up smoking, drink less, eat better, exercise more.  The list goes on and on.  I’ve even been guilty of it.  Then as the month of January comes to an end, the resolutions start to wane.  Oh sure, you have the best of intentions, but then every day life takes over.  You forget to do the things you promised yourself you were going to do.  So, what is the answer?

Well, for myself  I’ve found that I try to break down my resolutions to bite size pieces.  What I mean is, I try to do little things that keep me on track to my resolutions and goals.  For instance, I promised myself that this year I will get up really early, exercise and then work for an hour on my business before breakfast.  Sounds good, right?  Well as you can imagine, I did not exactly stick to that particular plan.  I have been waking up early and I have been working on the business a little.  Those 2 things are big things for me.  Waking up earlier is now becoming a part of my routine.  So much so that I will be able to take that next step to actually finding that exercise DVD I have, pop it into the machine and exercise!

Now I am not telling you to stick to your resolution.  That is up to you.  Nor am I telling you how to go about it if you do want to stick to it.  I guess what I am saying is that if the resolution is important enough, you will find a way to stick to it.calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433

So on that note, I am going to put on my Avon Representative hat and present an opportunity to you.  I hope that you will take a moment to review it and let me know what you think.  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you back here again soon.

Avon & Curves: The Solution To Your Resolution

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