My Aunties

aunt image 3aI am one of the luckiest girls in the world.  I have been blessed with several aunts.  I have 2 from my father’s side of the family and about  5 and counting  from my mother’s side.  Now what makes this even more amazing is that my mother is an only child.  Those aunts in particular are the ones that I am closest to.  Some have been friends with my mother since they were kids and the others through out her adult life.

I won’t get into what they have each done for me though out the years.  If  I did, this post would turn into a novel.  What I will say is that they have in their each and individual way enriched my life.  They are there commiserating with me on the times when my mom are I are making each other crazy.  When I needed to technical advice and needed to upgrade my cell phone,  one of my aunties was there.  When my mom retired and moved down south, my aunts were there to help her beat back the loneliness between mine and my and sister’s visits.   Even now that I have moved to be with my mom, my aunts still call her to stay in touch.  To catch up.  To gossip. To fight. And in general do what sisters usually do.  No, they are not related by blood, but they are family.

Now, I am very lucky that I too am an aunt.  I have been very fortunate help raise and spoil my 10 year old nephew.  You could say that we have helped raise each other.  I am constantly learning from him and probably always will.  I only hope that I will be good of an aunt as the ones who helped to raise me.

aunt image 1


2 thoughts on “My Aunties

  1. Thanks Meanie! That means a lot coming from you. This post was inspired by 2 of my aunts who are going through some health issues right now. That made me realize how lucky I am to have them all in my life.

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